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Die Wegbereiter für kluges Online-Shopping - jeder Kauf eine gute Entscheidung Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Great Deals‬ Harry is sorted into Slytherin, and Snape finds out some disturbing information about the boy-who-lived. What happens when Snape discovers Harry's secrets, his talents and his temper? WARNING: Contains mention of neglet/child abuse by the Dursleys . Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Harry P., Severus S. - Chapters: 20 - Words: 87,916 - Reviews: 856 - Favs: 2,251 - Follows.

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  1. Good!Slytherins, Goodish!Voldemort, BAD!Dumbledore, Severitus, May have Character bashing, powerful Harry, No slash!, warning: abuse, scences of torture. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I only own plot and any OC characters. Now on to the story
  2. Harry is in his sixth year when he finds out his friends have betrayed him because he's a Horcrux. Dumbledore has planned his death out and put him up like a pig for slaughter. Time-travel, MAIN-pairing is HP/DG, Dark-Harry, Kind of evil Harry. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Crime - Chapters: 17 - Words: 24,023 - Reviews: 347 - Favs: 1,325 - Follows: 1,499 - Updated: 3/11/2015.
  3. Slytherin: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone by Arawn reviews. Harry Potter didn't grow up with the Dursley. He grew up abused beaten raped and unloved. He grew up to act like a Slytherin to survive, in Saint Bensons Children's Home. He's cunning, smart, and has a thirst to be great. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,580 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 191.
  4. Harry is/was abused by the Dursleys, a teacher, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, etc. Occasionally the story will have harsh neglect or abandonment. I'm only looking for the best of the best, but if you want a story included, please PM me, and I'll consider including it. I'm not looking for any staff. Mason Jars 1999 by gzdacz reviews. Sequel to Mason Jars. Harry and co. continue navigating their.

He woke up, made breakfast for his relatives, ate some leftovers, and went out to do the chores set for him. Then it all changed when he a... oocness; cracktreatedseriously; soulmateau +8 more # 2. Don't leave me alone by skyFallenWishers. 17.9K 577 32. AU Drarry WBWL OCs OOC(a little) Slytherin harry major dumbleduck bashing. Lily and james bashing nice Dursleys weasley(but the twins Percy. Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Lived. Add in protective Slytherins, big brother Draco and a sane Dark Lord and you get a family that will stop at nothing to ensure his safety A sudden display of affection leaves Harry Potter confused after he gets comforted by no other than Draco Malfoy. Notorious bully and... sad; abusedharry; dracoxharry +13 more # 3. Here For You by slytherindrarrylover. 241K 6.6K 22. Harry Potter did not live a normal life. He was abused by the relatives and told that his parents, Lily and James Potter, were dead. He had no other family, and he. When he runs into a banged up, skittish Draco Malfoy on the train after Christmas break, his suspicions are raised. When Harry and Hermione find out that Draco is being abused, his suspicions are confirmed. The two boys grow closer as time goes on, as does Draco and Pansy with the trio. But an incident in Hogsmeade will send them all packing

Abused Harry Potter (193) Abused Harry (152) Albus Dumbledore Bashing (68) Abusive Dursley Family (Harry Potter) (67) Implied/Referenced Child Abuse (57) Manipulative Albus Dumbledore (56) Slytherin Harry Potter (42) Child Abuse (38) Hurt/Comfort (35) Ron Weasley Bashing (35) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers. Harry Potter abused by family. Dumbledore knows as he pays them. Harry doesn't tell anyone out of fear of Headmaster. After Sirius returns to the Ancestral Black House... badluck; abusedharrypotter; gooddarkside +3 more # 2. Unforgivables by Sapphire. 189K 4.8K 18. After an unforgivable beating that takes an unexpected turn Harry goes crawling (literally) to the enemy and hands over his. Harry is abused and starved by his so called familiy, he starts to believe them that he is a freak. After he comes back to Hogwarts, he realizes that he is gay he can't take it anymore. Until an accident on potions and he finds a way to cope. But it's not a good way. Can Draco help him? Language: English Words: 5,003 Chapters: 6/? Comments: 9 Kudos: 72 Bookmarks: 15 Hits: 1317; The Truth. Potter, Malfoy, go into my office and get out of those robes. Without, and that word had enough emphasis to be almost shouted, without touching the potion, or allowing it to get on bare skin. Weasley and Goyle will bring you new robes. Harry then ends up hiding under Snape's desk so that Draco and Snape don't discover his abuse

After a long summer, a Slytherin Harry Potter meets Cedric Diggory, much to the disgust of Draco Malfoy, Harry's best friend. With Sirius Black on the loose, and the arrival of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Harry is yet to find out the truth behind the night his parents were murdered, and with the help of his friends, he most certainly will Harry Potter ist Älter als er eigentlich aussieht. In Wirklichkeit ist er schon etwas um die Hundert. Sein Körper jedoch ähnelt dem eines 11 Jährigen und so lange würde es auch bleiben, bis er seinen Partner gefunden hat. Sein wirklicher Vater Tom Riddle alias Lord Voldemort ist schon mehr als 300 Jahre alt und trägt wie Harry ein Dämon in sich. Er hat erst angefangen zu altern, als er. When Harry and Hermione find out that Draco is being abused, his suspicions are confirmed. The two boys grow closer as time goes on, as does Draco and Pansy with the trio. But an incident in Hogsmeade will send them all packing. To be safe while Lucius is at large, the group is sent to live with Hermione's cousins in Canada. They will attend a muggle school, and live among other teens without. Not your typical Harry Potter fanfiction story, A Hero switches the focus from our usual hero, Harry, to an unexpected hero, Dudley. The premise of the story is that after reading a book about abuse and discussing it in class, Dudley realizes what his parents are doing to Harry is undeniably abuse. Following that realization, Dudley starts second-guessing everything he thought he knew about.

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  1. At the Slytherin table, Daphne Greengrass had her hand up too. She snarled, Not a word, especially after Amelia mentioned that the Goblet of Fire had done the impossible and had spit out Harry Potter's name. Axefrenzy confirmed to Amelia that Harry's trust vault, number 687, had many withdrawals from it since 1981, exactly two withdrawals being by Harry himself. Amelia, after talking to.
  2. Fanfiction.Net ~ Fanfic-Zone Author's Summary: Harry Potter at the age of five ran away from the Dursleys. What happens when an independent Slytherin Harry enters the Wizarding World? This is my view of Harry during his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. reread. A Different House by MissPatriciaPotter T - WIP 5 chapt Mar03 Fanfiction.Net Author's Summary: *child abuse.
  3. When a student's death turns out to have been the result of abuse, all students must take a physical exam to ensure no one else is victimized. Thanks to the Dursleys, this is one exam Harry can never pass and he does his best to avoid it until Snape finally catches up with him. His exam results not only shock Snape, it forces him to reveal a secret relationship with the boy that will.
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  5. Since Harry entered the Dursley's home, Harry was forbidden to talk and was presented to others as mute. With the abuse lingering within him and having never been able to put it into words, when Hagrid arrives with his letter he uncovers more than just the opportunity to learn magic. He makes friends with an unlikely person from Slytherin house.
  6. Harry potter is at Madam Malkens and meets the most handsome boy in his entire life. Then at the age thirteen he finds out he's been lied to about his family. He's not Harry potter the boy who lived but Hadrian Salazar Riddle. Son of the dark lord

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Annikah Potter was the abused and neglected twin of one Harry Potter. She was unlike any witch ever seen before and more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. She must fulfil her destiny but to do so she must make a series of questionable decisions that have the potential to alienate or attract h.. There are currently over 608,000 Harry Potter fan fictions on Fanfiction.net. Of course, they won't all be good, but there'll be something to suit everyone! That's not even considering the vast number of fics on AO3, or assorted Livejournals. If you're a newbie, try ou Here you will find Harry Potter Fan Fictions sorted by lists (for example: Reading the Books, or Harry as a Slytherin, or Severitus)! Hope you enjoy this page! LISTS: G girl!harry, H harry&founders, harry/charlie, M mentor!snape R reading the books, remus/hermione S science, sick!harry, slytherin!harry, snape adopts harry, snarry Harry Potter, der Junge der Lebt, war mit seiner Tante nach London gefahren. Sein Onkel sollte Besuch bekommen und dieser wusste, dass Harry zur Familie gehörte. Das wiederum hieß, dass Harry vernünftige Kleidung brauchte, welche sie nun kauften. Während seine Tante Kleidung für Dudley suchte schlenderte Harry durch die Ständerreihen und suchte nach Kleidung. Von seiner Tante hatte er.

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Mehr als 1,5 Million eBooks, mit mehr als 140.000 deutschen Titeln I Harry James Potter claim my inheritance as Lord Ravenclaw through blood Harry continued and I Harry James Potter claim my inheritance as Lord Slytherin through magic the castle shook two more times and then the head table was pushed forward and replaced with another table that looked much grander than the teacher's table. Your show cub Sirius said nudging Harry towards.

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin is a Harry Potter Deconstruction Fic exploring the common Wrong Boy-Who-Lived premise of many HP fanfictions. It spans multiple books and is being written by The Sinister Man. The story makes use of many common Harry Potter fandom tropes (e.g. Harry living in the shadow of his famous brother) and deconstructs or lampshades many others Harry's abuse by the Dursleys is discovered after an incident involving a potion. In the story, Harry and Draco both get the potion on themselves and have to go into Snape's office and strip off their robes to get the potion off of themselves. Harry then ends up hiding under Snape's desk so that Draco and Snape don't discover his abuse

Harry Potter ; Abused Harry is sorted into Slytherin Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Abused Harry is sorted into Slytherin. By katiii, April 23, 2017 in Harry Potter. Reply to this topic ; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. katiii 0 katiii 0 Kisser; Members; 0 91 posts; Archive Profile: link; Gender: Female; Report post; Posted April 23, 2017. Hello, I am searching for a fic where Harry. What if Dumbledore had a daughter? read to find out. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING HARRY POTTER I ONLY OWN THE CHARACTERS I MAKE UP HARRY POTTER BELONGS TO J K ROWLING. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES USED IN ANY OF MY STORIES Leslie and Harry: The Beginning by GinnyWeasly4Life Leslie and Harry are the dead Potter twins, along with Jessalyn Potter, James Potter, and Lily Potter. The thing is, they aren't as dead as people think. Follow their story as they grow up with the Malfoys, the only family that knows they are alive, find friends in a certain pair of mischievous twins, and wreak havoc on the wizarding world 21 Harry Potter Fanfictions To Read Before You Die. Because the magic never has to end. by Anna Menta. BuzzFeed Staff. We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best fan fiction they ever read. Harry and Lyra Potter are twins. They've been through everything together. What happens when Lyra Potter falls for the Slytherin prince. How will Lyra go through her first year? Read and find out. 1st yea

Midnight_Slytherin made it. She is awesome! I may be switching the covers around a bunch until I find out which one better suits the story. Sorry. Wait. Don't!, That was Harry yelling as the curse zoomed toward us. BLAST!!! What happened? That was all I could get out before everything went black. Soraya Villin is a muggle-born witch. What happens when she and Hermione travel 20 years. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were only meant to have one girl, Lily Luna Potter, but, like most things in Harry's life things don't go to plan, Voldemort splits the egg in two making twin girls, clinging onto one part, cursing it, so he can posses the child whenever he wants, of course nob.. Not So Different: Once he finds out about Harry's home life, Snape gradually comes to realize that he and Harry are not that different, both being raised in abusive households and bullied relentlessly in school. No People Skills: Harry is partially this due to his abusive upbringing, but his natural people skills lets him quickly bond with others. Snape on the other hand, due to a lifetime of rejection and abuse, some of it self-inflicted, has little to no idea how to handle positive. the wonderful AU world, where Snape happens to be the father of Harry Potter.or anything to do with the lovely wonderful world of snape, which includes the nature of slytherin, AU Harry sorted into Slytherin.Story of the Week: 1. Child of Grace by Lady Azar de TameranThe story is so different and yet has the plot of Harry Potter Sorceror's StonePhilosophy Stone, and Chamber of Secret however.

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Harry Potter thought that he had escaped a world full of war and destruction, but it seems his task may never be complete. He may not be the hero Fereldan needs, but he's the only chance they've got left. Categories: General, Crossovers > HP/Misc, War, Powerful > Very Powerful Characters: Harry James Potter Status: WIP (Work in progress I was a weird one—I came into Harry Potter fanfiction later in my life. While everyone was digging into fanfiction.net and Sugar Quills getting their Harry fix, I was still reading Canon Only Pride and Prejudice stories, and then, between 2008 and 2010, Anything But Canon Twilight fics. After a bit of hopping through fanfiction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and James Bond (00Q 4 Lyfe.

Sent to Privet Drive to intercede in a domestic dispute, Severus finds that Harry Potter is not quite feeling himself. Warnings: implied abuse. Rated NC17. Harry/Snape. Notes: Features some Deathly Hallows details, but not enough so to make this a Post-Deathly Hallows story. This is effectively alternate universe. Cluegirl, EVERYBODY'S FOO Oct 19, 2016 - Dark Prince Teach Me, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Dark Prince By: LoveMyRomance Harry is ignored because his brother is the supposed Chosen One. His parents abandon him and leave him with the Durselys. Abused and broken, Voldemort decides to rescue Harry. He raises Harry to be the perfect Slytherin. Watch out Light Side, the Dark Side has a secret weapon Harry was super lucky during his time at Hogwarts to have friends as supportive and caring as Hermione, Ron, Neville and Luna. If he'd been in Slytherin, though, it's likely Harry would have a.

HarryPotterFanfiction.com is an archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction stories of all types and no restrictions. Come read, write, and explore our site Best collection of Harry Potter fanfiction on the internet, bar none. Quality, mostly novel-length stories with original plots and well-developed characters. Pairing neutral, no slash, and no character bashing. Please message me with recommendations or to join staff. English - Staff: 19 - Followers: 3010 - Since: 11-25-05 - Founder: ReadingFreak2005. 844 Independent or Dark or Powerful Harry.

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I say The Fall of the house of Potter, a harry potter fanfic is a goof one with a right on portrayal of Dumbledore as a senile manipulative old man and the Potters as 'evil idiots'. James and Lily are alive and Harry is not happy at all My Slytherin Harry by hermyd It is not only my favorite Harry Potter Fanfic, but my favorite in general. Words can not do this Fic justice. The one issue I have is that it's only 3 chapters (11k words per chapter). I loved it too much for it to en.. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (c. 2006) is the son of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. Scorpius is a seventh year Slytherin whose father is Draco Malfoy. He often gives Rose half-smiles that she fails to find the meaning of. It is fairly obvious that he has a crush on her, but he is often seen with Lithman, so it is unclear which side he is on, even though he is in the Junior Order of the. Slytherins.com opened on June 9, 2004. The characters, including Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy and Professor Snape are the genius of J.K. Rowling, and this site is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement is intended. The website and everything associated with it, is brought to you out of the love we have for the stories and. I have become obsessed with Reading The Books fanfiction especially Fem!Harry. I love one called Nydia Potter on fictionhunt but it is not finished even the first book. She is paired with Lucius Malfoy which I just love but I want to find one where Harry is paired with Snape. Sirius or one of the Weasley boys sans Ronald, I'm not fussy on whether Harry is a girl or not. Any recommendations

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FanFiktion schreiben; RPG erstellen; Einloggen; Registrieren; Forum; Einloggen Registrieren. Liebestests-» Welche Berühmtheit ist dein Lover?-» Welcher Kinostar ist dein Lover?-» Harry Potter -» Slytherin. Liebestest-» Slytherin Resultat 1 - 10 von 21 gefundenen Resultaten Slytherin in love - - 10 Fragen - von Ally Gold - Aktualisiert am 06.11.2020 - Entwickelt am 09.06.2020 - 9.841. Reviews (11 found). Page 1 of 1. Chapter: Interview TEN | Story: A Potterhead in the Wizarding World (Interviews Reviews (6 found). Page 1 of 1. Chapter: Enough! | Story: GOTCHA If you're familiar with the Harry Potter series, and you're an adult, or intelligent younger person, there are probably a lot of things that seem a bit off with the story until you reach the final books and are given a glimpse into a world that Harry never figures out exists. The author gives Harry Potter more credit than the original books, by allowing him to see, much earlier, the. Harry, remembering the abuse from the Dursleys, takes Draco's words as dogma. The Sorting Ceremony places both Draco and Harry in Slytherin. There's more than a hint of disappointment from the other tables, and from Albus Dumbledore. Harry also catches a glimpse of Severus Snape, and feels his hatred. Harry coldly shoots back a look of loathing at the Potions Master. The next couple of months.

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Welcome to Harry Potter Fan Fiction Wiki!At the Harry Potter Fanfiction Wiki, everything fan fiction is welcome. We ask that you follow our rules and guidelines by visiting the Policy Category. If you need help, you can contact: The Bureaucrats: HarryPotter512 and Scarletmoon579 The Administrators: Aliceandjasperforever, Hermione524 and Philered Our Head-Boy: Philered Our Biggest Contributor. Harry Potter: A dark story - 01hari. March 21, 2009 at 8:51 pm (30.000 - 60.000 Words, Animagus, Harry's Years of Hogwarts, Intelligent Protaginist, Magical Trunk, Slytherin) Summary: Harry knows that he is a wizard at an early age. He practices magic while staying at Dursely's Jan 12, 2020 - Slytherin Things To Say You Didn' T Get In Trouble For Lying; You Got In Trouble For Lying Badly . Remind Me To Kill You. Tagged at muzzikuminfo.swifte.u Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor Ch 1, Harry Potter Harry Potter was the son of James Potter in name only, and that fact was enough to change Severus Snape's opinion of the boy. This year, Snape was looking forward to the entertainment they would provide, because he knew, with out a shadow of a doubt, that if he kept his nose out of their business, they would ignore him. He also knew that others in the school would be unable to follow this.

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In the Harry Potter films, and in the books, Slytherins get a bad rap. If a casual observer was to pick which house would be the least fun to hang out with, they might just say Slytherin. That's not really fair, or true, especially with a common room situated under the Black Lake In fact, the trend suddenly reversed after Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in which Hermione was played by a black woman and J. K. Rowling pointed out that there was nothing in the text that specified that Hermione was white — it just said that she had frizzy hair, which is definitely a thing with black women. That led to fanfic writers suggesting that other major characters, including. Harry Potter along with Ron Weasley entered the common room in his second year to find out if Draco Malfoy was the one opening the Chamber of Secrets. To enter the Slytherin common room one must merely speak aloud the current password in front of a stretch of a damp stone wall; once the word is uttered a concealed stone door will slide aside leaving a rectangular hole in the wall leading to.

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Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs Potter, you can skin Malfoy's shrivelfig. Updated as of 12/11/08. I've taken down incomplete stories that haven't been updated since 2006 and any nonworking links that I couldn't find elsewhere. I don't update this page much anymore with new stuff. I have saved the old pages, in case you're looking for a specific fic no longer listed. Just email me with the title you. Take this quiz to find out which character from Harry Potter you are most like. The Harry Potter series is full of so many unique and memorable characters, each with their own complex story and.

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  1. Proof that the remaining 10% are worth taking a Killing Curse for here.. Harry Potter fanfics number at over 800,000, and that's just from FanFiction.Net alone. It got so bad that this was one of the first fandoms to need multiple Fanfic Recs pages. The series does have about 30 billion characters, so it's to be expected, perhaps.. These are recommendations made by tropers for Harry Potter.
  2. In the Harry Potter films, students sorted into the house of Slytherin are known for their ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. Now, fans of the iconic film series can embrace their inner Slytherin with this deluxe guided journal. Featuring classic Slytherin iconography, this yearlong journal includes a mixture of one-line-a-day activities, lists, and free-writing prompts to help fans tap.
  3. A Dark Wizard1 or Witch is any magical person who primarily studies and/or practises the Dark Arts, otherwise known as Dark Magic. They often partake in the illegal breeding of Dark creatures, use or create dark objects, or inflict injury or death on others often using dangerous curses, and other dark charms. In recent history, two dark wizards of particular notoriety were Gellert Grindelwald.

Jun 9, 2018 - That's honestly incredibly Slytherin of him and I'm here for it Jun 9, 2018 - That's honestly incredibly Slytherin of him and I'm here for it .. Harry Potter Love. Saved by Marissa Von De Bur. Harry Potter Love Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Memes Harry Potter World James Potter Harry Potter Theories Harry Potter Sirius Sirius Black. More. Harry Potter also pointed out the similarities between Snape's nickname and the name Voldemort gave himself. This nickname was apparently a secret, as Remus did not remember it ever being used publicly by Severus. First Wizarding War (1978-1981) As a Death Eater The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month. Sep 18, 2019 - Imagine twelve year old Harry not even knowing how awful his childhood with Dursleys had been until he gets to the Burrow. Imagine him seeing Percy asleep with a book on his lap, and being baffled.. Harry floods the Slytherin dorms/common room during the Second Tas When Harry Potter was mysteriously selected to compete in the Triwizard Tournament in 1994, many students began wearing badges that flashed between the phrases Support Cedric Diggory -- The Real Hogwarts Champion in luminous red letters and Potter Stinks in glowing green letters; this function was activated by pressing on the badge.. Many Slytherins and Hufflepuffs wore the badges prior to.

Harry Potter test only for real fans. Do you think you can win this Harry Potter quiz? If you read all of that in your head with a British accent, then you will!! So everybody Wands up! Start this test and find out which house is the best match for you. Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends and make sure they're all caught up. There are currently more than half a million works of Harry Potter fan fiction out there — and that's only counting the two most popular sites, Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own, not other. Most readers of harry Potter fanfiction are familiar with My Immortal, but if you haven't heard of it (you Prep!) let me give you a rundown of this masterpiece. Widely known as the best/worst. 4.9 out of 5 stars 4,742. Paperback $53.99 $ 53. 99 $100.00 $100.00. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $49.99 (32 used & new offers) Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Book 1. Book 1 of 7: Harry Potter. 4.8 out of 5 stars 509. Audible Audiobook $0.00 $ 0. 00 $29.99 $29.99. Free with Audible trial.

20 Unpopular Opinion Polls About Harry Potter That Might Get You Heated. Hot take: Albus Dumbledore was actually not a good guy Named after a book covering the darkest of the Dark Arts, Magick Most Evile is proud to present you a collection of the darkest of Harry Potter Fanfiction available on the net. We have visited almost every dark corner of the web and came across a lot of fics and found out a lot o Harry Potter's personality is exactly Gryffindor's- bravery, courage, and fearlessness. Watch what Harry Potter does in the movie/book and think if you are close to him. If you tend to do similar things as Harry Potter, you have a strong Gryffindor side. One example of Harry's bravery is when he went into the Chamber of Secrets and almost got. AU of OoTP, Slytherin!Harry, HPDM slash. Snape begins the year with a mistake that sets his ward against him. Now Harry is using all his own considerable cunning to ride out the multiple storms, even as the Second War goes into motion. COMPLETE: Pairing Harry/Draco: Genre Drama: Second Genre Adventure: Era Hogwarts: Character Harry Potter.

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  1. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Back . Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Tin Candles, Set of 4 - Large 5.6 oz Each - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff - Scented 4.7 out of 5 stars 27. $37.99. Harry Potter: Slytherin Large Glass Candle 4.3 out of 5 stars 36. $19.17. Only 12 left in stock - order.
  2. MightyPrint Harry Potter Sorting Hat - Slytherin House - Personalized with Your Name Wall Art Decor - Next Generation Premium Print - Featuring Hogwarts House Quote Poem 4.7 out of 5 stars 75 $19.9
  3. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Back . Harry Potter Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set 4.5 out of 5 stars 326. $21.95. Moon Necklace Snake Pendant Snake Necklace Jewelry 4.3 out of 5 stars 273. $9.99. Navachi 18k Gold Plated Water Drop Crystal Green Zircon Az6003p Snake Pendant Necklace 16+2 4.5 out of.
  4. Harry Potter universe is phenomenally popular among fanfiction writers and readers. There are not only thousands of fan-written stories available to read online, but also multiple websites dedicated to hosting Harry Potter fics of all lengths and genres. It comes as no surprise that most stories are average at best, and many are incomplete. That being said, some HP fanfics are truly.
  5. Any Harry Potter fanfiction's that you can think of where Voldemort finds out about Harry's abuse and helps him? I've read some, but I'm still looking, and I would appreciate the help! (Also, as a last second thing, can anyone tell me how to find the Snarry Fanfiction, Mine by tas?
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