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  2. Riesen-Auswahl an Raspberry Pi® Topsellern im NBB.com Online Shop. Jetzt bestellen! Bestelle Raspberry Pi® Topseller günstig online @NBB.com
  3. ESP8266 Google Maps API Routenplaner auf LCD anzeigen; Raspberry Pi und Arduino - Einführung; Arduino und Raspberry Pi miteinander kommunizieren lassen; Funkkommunikation zwischen Raspberry Pi's und Arduinos (2.4 GHz) NodeMCU: ESP8266 mit Solarzelle und Akku mit Strom versorgen; Mini Projekte. Automatisches Raspberry Pi Gewächshaus selber bauen; Eigene Gartenbewässerung mit Webseite.
  4. Don't forget to bookmark run google maps on raspberry pi using Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (macos). If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. Whether it's Windows, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to download the images using download button. Add Gps To Your Car With A Raspberry Pi Diy Smart Car Part
  5. Home > GPS Modul mit dem Raspberry Pi - Ortung und Navigation > Google Maps Ortung mit dem Raspberry Pi und einen GPS Modul Google Maps Ortung mit dem Raspberry Pi und einen GPS Modul raspberry.tips 17.01.201

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  1. geolocation Google Maps GPS Module GY-GPS6MV2 Navigation NEO-6M OpenStreetMaps OSM SE04001 u blox. Previous article . Connect and control Raspberry Pi motion detector PIR. Next article. Raspberry Pi Servo Motor control. 17 Responses. Bob Scrub 7-16-2018 at 21:07. Hello! Thanks for the guide! How would I send data collected from this sensor to the Azure IoT Hub? Reply; PLEASE! Finish the job! 9.
  2. Published Oct 08, 2018. What started as a need for a rear camera for older car turned into a complete car system. Fabrice Aneche builds own car navigation with Raspberry Pi using OpenMapTiles as a base map in his spare time as a do-it-yourself project
  3. Bei mir sieht die Ausgabe via Serial so aus, es sind noch keine GPS Daten enthalten da sich mein Raspberry Pi noch im Gebäude befindet. Beendet wir Minicom mit der Tastenkombination STRG+A, Q und Enter.. Da wir dauerhaft mit 9600 Baud mit dem Modul kommunizieren möchten setzen wir in der config.txt noch die Einstellung für die Baudrate sodass diese bei jedem neustart gesetzt wird
  4. Mittlerweile hat jedes Smartphone GPS, aber auch der Pi kann mit einem günstigen Raspberry Pi GPS Modul in einen GPS Empfänger verwandelt werden. In vielen Outdoor-Anwendungen, vor allem solchen die sich bewegen (Car-PC, Wetterballon, etc.) ist die genaue Position ein größer Vorteil. Mobilität wird mit einem Akkupack bzw. einer USB Powerbank erreicht
  5. Make a GPS Navigation System for a Boat with a Raspberry Pi May 03, When you plan your trip, you can make two points in the map and tell it to calculate the route. It'll make the trip safe, so you don't get stranded on dry land. I didn't feel like spending that kind of money on something that I might as well build and make myself. Looking around in my different piles, I found most of the.
  6. Navit is an open source navigation system with GPS tracking. It works great with a Raspberry Pi, a GPS module and a small TFT with touch, jut like the official Raspberry Pi Display or PiScreen. In this guide, we will be using; A Raspberry PI 3. The official Raspberry Pi Display

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Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps #iot #gmaps In this video Raspberry Pi send GPS value to the Thinkspeak cloud for every 60 seconds and a javascript will fetch data from cloud and post it on..

How to make GPS-navigated robot-tank with Raspberry Pi. After experiments with artificial intelligence, I decided to go with an old navigation way — over GPS. Raspberry Pi + GPS. At first, the simple GPS-USB dongle was bought. Then I set it up based on an article from Adafruit. Although the paper is six years old, there are only a few details changed: The dongle was recognized as /dev. Tag: Google Maps. Hardware & GPIO. Build Raspberry Pi GPS location/navigation device. Subscribe to Blog. Subscribe to Raspberry Pi Tutorials and don't miss any new Tutorial! I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Leave this field empty if you're human: Contact & Disclaimer. Google bietet viele seiner Services für normale Anwender kostenlos an. Eine beliebte Anwendung ist die Google Maps API, welche neben der Routenplanung auch den aktuellen Verkehr kennt. Wer aus mehreren Strecken zum Ziel wählen kann, wird sicher wissen, dass je nach Verkehrslage / Stau eine andere schneller ist. In diesem Tutorial nutzen wir auf dem [ Give your Raspberry Pi GPS tracking capabilities either through WiFi or LTE and create dynamic maps with Google Maps API and PubNub. Add GPS Tracking with the Google Maps API to Your Raspberry Pi Project. 14 min read. Cameron Akhavan. on Apr 9, 2019. Try PubNub Today. Free up to 1MM monthly messages. No credit card required. Subscribe . Receive our weekly newsletter on web, mobile, and IoT.

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  1. Sign in to (or create) a Raspberry Pi account to save your project progress and come back later. Sign In. Add the map to your web page. If you have closed the code for your webpage, open up your text editor (e.g. Notepad) and, from inside the text editor, reopen the index.html file. If you are using Notepad, you will need to change the drop down from Text files to All files.
  2. You have just learnt to use HTML to create an embedded Google map. You've done it! This message has just come through: Visit rpf.io/pioneers to find out more about how only you can save us! For some more advanced ideas about how to make things with the Google Maps API, try these projects on the Raspberry Pi website
  3. Bereits vor einiger Zeit hatte ich mit GPS Modulen für den Raspberry Pi experimentiert, heute wollte ich die verschiedenen Projekte mal zusammenbringen und einen echten Raspberry Pi GPS-Tracker mit Akku Betrieb bauen. Als kleines Addon soll alle paar Minuten ein Bild erzeugt werden welches mit den jeweils aktuellen GPS Daten versehen wird

Google Maps. Learn more about Google Maps COVID-19 updates. Back. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster-Adarsh Shetty. 9/30/19. Get Link Report Abuse . A project involving gps,maps without internet for navigation using raspberrypi any ideas/suggestions 0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 7 Upvotes. Ive just started the project. I. Posted in google hacks Tagged api, Assistant, data, google, google maps, home, IFTTT, nodered, raspberry pi, Raspberry Pi Zero Mapillary For The Raspberry Pi April 24, 2015 by Brian Benchoff 5. Präzise GNSS-Positionierung mit dem Raspberry Pi und RTKLIB - Navigation Präzise GNSS-Positionierung mit dem Raspberry Pi und RTKLIB - RasPiGNSS im Dauer-Betrieb Präzise GNSS-Positionierung mit dem Raspberry Pi und RTKLIB - Erfahrungsbericht (Visited 10.356 times, 6 visits today) Related Posts: Autonom fahrendes AI Roboter-Auto - NVIDIA Jetson Nano SBC; Raspberry Pi Roboter-Auto Ko

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GPS Module for Arduino and Raspberry Pi | GPS Module Interfacing with Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi 3 GPS Module Interfacing Tutorial with Circuit |Read GPS Data With a Raspberry Pi | Reading GPS Data With a Raspberry Pi | GPS on Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi GPS reading ***** If You Want To Purchase the Full Project or Software Code Mail Us: svsembedded@gmail.com Title Name Along With You-Tube. Gets your coordinates with libgps, gets a static map of your location from the Google Static Maps API and writes it to /dev/fb1 (in my case, an LCD). About Raspberry Pi navigation syste

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  1. Raspberry Pi GPS Tracker: In this tutorial I'm going to attempt to create a GPS tracker using a raspberry pi with a GPS dongle and a little bit of linux. I didn't write most of the code used all I'm simply doing is gathering resources together and putting them all in one pl
  2. Just connect the RaspberryPi with ssh by forwarding X (param -X) and skipping forwarding to X11 SECURITY extension controls (param -Y): ssh-X-Y pi @ 192.168..123. Change into navit folder an run navit: pi @ gpsraspberrypi ~ $ cd navit pi @ gpsraspberrypi ~ / navit $ . / navit . An this is, how it might look: You can zoom in an out. By left clicking, the menu raises
  3. Raspberry Pi 3 + Android LineageOS + Kodi 17 + GPS Navigation Raspberry Pi 3 + Android LineageOS + Kodi 17 + GPS Navigation. chaoman . 16 1. chaoman. 16 1. Post Mar 05, 2018 #1 2018-03-05T04:11. Objective Mimic the CarPC functionality such as music playback, media management and GPS navigation on Android. Hardware List Raspberry Pi 3 Model B; Official Raspberry Pi 7 Touch Screen; Sound.
  4. r/raspberry_pi: A subreddit for discussing the Raspberry Pi ARM computer and all things related to it. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . r/raspberry_pi. log in sign up. User account menu. 7. I want to use google traffic data so that an led will light up either red, green or yellow for a major route I travel to work. How can I achieve.
  5. wie kann ich eine in My Maps gespeicherte Route in Google Maps öffnen und die Navigation starten ? Danke schonmal für die Hilfe. Details. Routenplanung und Navigation, Android, Google Maps. Ich auch! (543) Abonnieren Abbestellen. Möglicherweise wurden die Community-Inhalte nicht überprüft oder sind nicht mehr aktuell. Weitere Informationen . Empfohlene Antwort Empfohlene Antworten (1.

Post navigation ← RGB LED Matrices 31 thoughts on Dedicated Automobile Traffic Monitor With Raspberry Pi Henrik Pedersen says: Not about a home web page to maps.google.com. At. Creating turn by turn navigation using Google Maps API is not allowed in the Google Maps API ToS, even after the July 2018 pricing change where they updated their ToS. From Google Maps new ToS section 3.2.4 (emphasis mine): (c) No Re-Creating Google Products or Features. Customer will not use the Services to create a product or service with features that are substantially similar to or that re. Enable the UART. First we need to download and install a new device tree overlay.. The Raspberry Pi Engineer PhillE (forum username) has kindly made a custom overlay called pi3-miniuart-bt-overlay.dtb to remap the UART ports and this needs to be copied into the /boot/overlays folder on the SD card and we also copied it into the root / pi3-miniuart-bt-overlay.dtb of the card as well This post explains how to log GPS data from a BerryGPS or a BerryGPS-IMU and then how to plot this data onto Google Maps and many other maps E.g. OpenStreet, WorldStreet, National Maps, etc.. 1. Setup GPS. Follow the instructions on this page to setup your Raspberry Pi for a BerryGPS. Ensure GPSD is set to automatically start and confirm that you can see the NMEA sentences when using gpsipe. Raspberry Pi setup. Using Raspberry Pi image 2017-11-29-raspbian-stretch-lite.img with upgrades installed. Added libxml2 and libbcm2835 development packages. Installed and enabled SSH with public key and password-less logon, to allow rsync and rsh remote command execution. UART is enabled and SPI is disabled in raspi-config

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This simple mobile app displays Google Maps geolocation data to a device. It's built with Ionic and uses a Raspberry Pi, Firebase, and Lumen I've got a USB GPS dongle working with my Raspberry Pi, so I started exploring mapping software that I could run on it if I were to mount the RPi in my car with a little screen - the simple low resolution screens used for reverse parking cameras sold on eBay for under £20 look perfect. Two options came up, GpsDrive and Navit - both of which recommend map data from Open StreetMap

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  1. Then you can write your own GPS interface, or combine the data with Google Maps. Parts Needed: Raspberry PI (any version) Neo-6M GPS. Female to Female Jumpers. Raspberry Pi accessories like a >1a 5v power supply, SD Card, keyboard, mouse, and a HDMI monitor are needed for any RPI project. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Electrical Connection. The first step is to connect the GPS.
  2. i-UART, made available for general use. Since we don't require Bluetooth, we'll swap these round. But first, we run raspi-config and disable serial. $ sudo raspi-config. P5 Interfacing Options → P6 Serial (disable). This is to stop boot.
  3. Raspberry Pi Imager is the quick and easy way to install Raspberry Pi OS and other operating systems to a microSD card, ready to use with your Raspberry Pi. Watch our 40-second video to learn how to install an operating system using Raspberry Pi Imager. Download and install Raspberry Pi Imager to a computer with an SD card reader. Put the SD card you'll use with your Raspberry Pi into the.
  4. Learn Raspberry Pi. Program your Pi board and make Cool Projects! Make your way into the world of electronics and learn to make cool raspberry projects with the Raspberry Pi Model A, B, Zero and Compute Modules, using this tutorial, Raspberry Pi apps. Use this raspberry pi apps tutorial, to learn how to implement devices with the raspberry pi, like the mouse, keyboard and monitor, and make a.
  5. The google_maps platform allows you to detect presence using the unofficial API of Google Maps Location Sharing.. Setup. You need two Google accounts. Account A is the account that has to be set up to share its location with account B. Account B is used to fetch the location of your device(s) and will be connected to this integration

Discover the world with Google Maps. Experience Street View, 3D Mapping, turn-by-turn directions, indoor maps and more across your devices Der Einplatinencomputer Raspberry Pi ist vielseitig einsetzbar und lässt sich zum Beispiel als Webserver nutzen. Wie Sie Ihren Raspberry Pi als Webserver einrichten und welche Software Sie dazu benötigen, erfahren Sie in diesem Praxistipp Hello, When I connect to my dump1090 server locally over the network with any browser i.e everything works perfectly When I port forward my public ip address to port 8080 on the Raspberry Pi and try to connect to it from outside of my network, the right hand part of the screen with all the statistics works perfectly, however. - Installation, setup, and configuration, Static IP, GPS Testing, Remote GUI, location tracking on Google Map, IoT, and more. What You Will Learn. Design your own advanced data streaming and visualization tool to view the detailed tracking information of the moving vehicle Develop a complete IoT-based GPS system to track the real-time movement of the vehicle in the web dashboard Code in Python. To recreate this experiment you will need the following hardware (in addition to the Raspberry Pi itself): Ultimate GPS Breakout; USB to TTL serial cable; Half-size bread board; Male/male jumper wires ; Plug the GPS module into the breadboard as shown and connect red to VIN, black to GND, green to RX and white to TX, using the jumper wires and the USB to TTL serial cable. Plug the USB end of.

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Install the latest Operating system on Raspberry Pi Zero wireless without monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Perform IP scanning and wirelessly access Raspberry Pi using Putty. Get to know the step-wise comparison between Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless and Raspberry Pi 3. Detailed knowledge about the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless and its previous versions Raspberry Pi 3 Kit. 8GB microSD Card for Raspberry Pi OS; Drive to mount (the bigger the better) External HDD (recommended if your router is equipped with a USB port) Traditional NAS; Instructions 1. Install Raspbian OS. First, you must install the Raspbian OS on your Raspberry Pi. Check out the official guide here . 2. Mount your Network Driv * = Raspberry Pi 2. * = Raspberry Pi 2 ONLY. GPIO 35 & 47 sind auf Raspberry pi 3 nicht verfügbar. GPIO 35 & 47 are not available on Raspberry Pi 3. GPIO-Beispiel GPIO Sample. Beispielsweise öffnet der folgende Code GPIO 5 als Ausgabe und schreibt eine digitale 1 in der PIN: As an example, the following code opens GPIO 5 as an output and writes a digital '1' out on the pin

Use a retro DB9 joystick with Raspberry Pi 400. 4 days ago. Get the classic ZX Spectrum experience with Raspberry Pi 400 and a GPIO joystick. Santa's Run. 28 days ago. Make a crazy Christmas game and guide Santa on his Christmas Eve run, delivering the MagPi magazine. Build a Home Assistant: the light fantastic . about 1 month ago. Play with colour and mood, or go completely disco with Home. Introduction. Using Maps URLs, you can build a universal, cross-platform URL to launch Google Maps and perform searches, get directions and navigation, and display map views and panoramic images. The URL syntax is the same regardless of the platform in use

With our Genius Maps navigation app, there are no wrong turns, because at every turn there is a new possibility. We want you to feel safe, to relieve yourself and focus on the journey, not the destination. Road trips are measured by moments, and let our Genius Maps navigation take care of the rest. Make genius memories Let's explore the world together. With our offline GPS navigation app. Display real-time estimate of commute time between two locations based on traffic and historic data on a Character LCD using Raspberry Pi, Python 3 and Google Maps Distance Matrix API. If you have a LCD and a Raspberry Pi lying around or want to purchase one or if you are often late for work like me and want to have a traffic monitor then this project might be for you I finally got waze running on my raspberry pi 3b with rtandroid 7.1. I chose this because the (GPS-)hardware should be supported best (a navilock NL8002U and some bluetooth GPS-receiver) and of course I like the challenge When I have time I will write some instructions, but there should be enough info online up to the point I am standing at now anyway (what cost me so much time was to find a. Have you ever wondered how fast and far a Raspberry Pi robot runs throughout the day and night? With GPS capabilities and a Linux computer such as Raspberry Pi, you can track a robot or a multirotor and locate these on a map. But in general speaking, with a Raspberry Pi and a GPS unit you can build limitlessness indoor and outdoor applications. In this article, I explored the most popular GPS.

Parking, walking directions and campus map for the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS AM 01.04.2020 Raspberry Pi: Die coolsten Smart Home-Projekte im Überblick. Einen Raspberry PI im Smart Home einzusetzen hat viele Vorteile: Er ist kostengünstig und benötigt nicht viel Strom

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Restart your Raspberry Pi and add some photos to your Google drive; PS. You can also use this for many other types of drives and the process is very similar. Just choose a different number in step 6. UPDATE: TO UPLOAD FILES TO Google Drive. If you would like to Upload files to Google Drive from your Raspberry PI, simply swap the source and destination. rclone sync -v drive:images /home/pi. Alle Raspberry pi linux zusammengefasst. Unser Team hat eine Selektion an Raspberry pi linux getestet und in dem Zuge die markantesten Infos recherchiert. Bei der Endnote zählt eine Menge an Eigenschaften, zum relevanten Ergebniss. Unser Gewinner sollte im Raspberry pi linux Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz behaupten. Unsere Redaktion an Produkttestern unterschiedliche Marken unter die. How to build a highly resilient raspberry pi GPS tracker and visualize your data real time on Google Maps. Monitor your stuff when you are away with a raspberry pi based tampering device; Drawing from MATLAB to Minecraft ; Apollo, a solar powered computer; Home Portal, a social network of peers; External resources; Recreation/Fun. Top 10 Intelligent games which I have played so far; gps_fix. Here is how to make it work with an Raspberry PI, when you don't want to use an USB device to save power or USB ports. A or see the live stream via the Google Maps API: For details see the documentation and don't forget to change the serial device path! Troubleshooting. If you get data with a lot of null values, you probably have no fix yet. The module needs quite some time for the first. Your Raspberry Pi supports external storage devices, which makes it a convenient way to store and move large amounts of data. To simplify working with USB drives on Raspberry Pi, first, format the drive using a FAT32 file system. In the Volume label field shown in the image below, give the drive a simple name. Otherwise, Linux will assign a long serial number as the drive name

und was sich der Planer so denkt. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own How to build a highly resilient raspberry pi GPS tracker and visualize your data real time on Google Maps. Monitor your stuff when you are away with a raspberry pi based tampering device; Drawing from MATLAB to Minecraft ; Apollo, a solar powered computer; Home Portal, a social network of peers; External resources; Recreation/Fun. Top 10 Intelligent games which I have played so far; dev2. 22. The Raspberry Pi 3 has the power to handle it, and with enough oomph spare to run other software. One of the benefits of running Chromium is that it also connects to your Google account. If you use Chrome or Chromium on your main PC, it lets you instantly copy over settings and apps, so it is easier to set up the browser to your liking. 4/5. Firefox ESR. There's a bit of weird history behind.

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Google unveiled its Coral edge kit in March, offering developers a Raspberry Pi-like board with an attachable Google Edge TPU machine-learning accelerator.The kit is aimed at engineers and. raspberry pi, thin client, web browsers, internet Suggest keywords: Doc ID: 94042: Owner: Paul B. Group: Social Science Computing Cooperative : Created: 2019-08-23 14:43 CDT: Updated: 2020-07-01 14:24 CDT: Sites: Social Science Computing Cooperative : Feedback: 0 0 Submit Feedback Suggest a new documen This is my journey building an open source car system with Go & Qt, rear camera, live OpenGL map … Cross compilation In Part I, I had to patch qtmultimedia for the camera to work, but Qt compilation is resource hungry, same goes for the osrm compilation, the memory of the Raspberry Pi is too small. I had to to set up a cross compilation system in my case for armv7h Bei der Einrichtung eines Raspberry Pi zum Erstellen von Prototypen wird die Verwendung von Windows 10 IoT Core-Dashboard empfohlen. When setting up a Raspberry Pi for prototyping, we recommend using the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard. Wenn du für die Herstellung ein Raspberry Pi verwenden möchtest, lies die Informationen im IoT Core-Herstellungsleitfaden. However, if you're looking to. Sichtungen von Streetview Autos in Deutschland. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own

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Download & Install Retropie Turn On Wifi on Retropie SSH Into Raspberry Pi Enable SSH in Retropie. Find your Raspberry Pi's ip address. To display all device ips: nmap -n -sP 192.168..156/24 Type: ssh pi@192.168..56 or ssh pi@192.168..44 (or ssh pi@<yourip>) Password is raspberry Follow Adaf.. The Raspberry Pi does not provide enough current to drive the PN532 chip. If you try to run the PN532 off your Raspberry Pi it will reset randomly and may not respond to commands. Instead you will need another power source (3.3v) to power the PN532. I2C Interface. I2C is short for Inter-integrated Circuit. I2C interface needs only 4 wires to. A few of those examples are email, maps for navigation, Google search, YouTube, webcam recording, and first person viewing of other cameras, etc. The Raspberry Pi integrated with this head mounted display thus has to be connected to the internet for performing these functions. Preparing the Head-Mounted Display Enclosur [Reinis] has a Volvo S80. One of the dashboard features it includes is a 6.5″ LCD screen which periscopes up to use as a navigation system. The problem is that Volvo stopped making maps for Free Open Source Chartplotter and Marine GPS Navigation Software. OpenCPN Chart Plotter Navigation . Win Mac Linux Raspberry Pi. Concise and robust Chart Plotter Navigation software. Designed to be used at the helm station of your boat while underway. Chart a course and track your position right from your laptop. Show Me More. Start . Charts. Plugins. Featured image: Winter Part of the Waters.

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If you want to use Garmin maps ( OpenStreetMap is natively supported and are really detailed ) : Generating a 3290kms route on the Raspberry pi 2 takes ~ 55s. Adding Support for UART Serial GPS connect VCC to pin 1, RX to pin 8 TX to pin 10 and Ground to pin 6 on GPIO for Pi2 Do sudo apt-get install gpsd gpsd-clients python-gps Then sudo gpsd /dev/ttyAMA0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock test with. Discover the best Raspberry Pi 400 projects and guides! Learn coding and computing with the latest all-in-one computer. Read it now HackSpace issue 38. This issue we pay homage to some of the makers who are creating their own bit of movie fandom, whether that's props, costumes, or a great-big Ecto-1. Read it now Wireframe issue 45. We talk to Larian Studios about reviving an RPG classic with. 07 Server Configuration in Raspberry Pi.pdf - Google Drive Sign i

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Description: Setup OpenCV, Tensorflow and Keras as in Google Colab but in your Raspberry Pi, LOL. Motivation (The struggle is real!) The other day I was happily training some neural networks I built with Keras using the Tensorflow backend on Google Colab. After I finished training like 4 or 5 different deep neural nets, I downloaded the trained models into my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and. Give your Raspberry Pi GPS tracking capabilities either through WiFi or LTE and create dynamic maps with Google Maps API and PubNub. The post Add GPS Tracking with the Google Maps API to Your Raspberry Pi Project appeared first on PubNub Keywords: mobile robot platform; line follower robot; Raspberry Pi; Arduino; autonomous navigation; map-based navigation. 1. Introduction Although the mobile robots have been used in industry for some time, they have become increasingly present in everyday life. The fast development in microelectronics, communication, automation, navigation and robotics has rapidly changed the working. For each billing account, a monthly $200 USD Google Maps Platform credit is available and automatically applied to the qualifying SKUs. Additional currencies may be available within the console. When you select a different currency, rates will convert from the USD equivalent listed here. Definitions: Session: session of activity that a unique user spends on your application during a specified.

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